Alexandra Ungern
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Alexandra Ungern (1967) is a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil, based in São Paulo. She investigates memories, places and objects, tracing the past and relating it to the present. Interested in the course of time, her research with decomposition, mold and fungus suggests the passage of life, death and the beginning of a new life.

She graduated from Webster University Vienna with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Culture and a certificate in curatorial studies (2011), and holds a certificate in Visual Arts from the Panamericana School of Art, SP (2004), Brazil. Alexandra has participated in national and international exhibitions: Vitrines Project, Trianon-MASP subway, SP; MIS Florianópolis-SC; MAB Blumenau, SC; MAG - GO; MUnA Uberlândia, MG; Contraprova II, Paço das Artes, SP; Tato Gallery, SP; Crossroads / Pinta Art Show London; Dialogart, Vienna. Her works can be found in art collections like MUnA, MG, Brazil; University of Michigan, USA, and private collections. She has earned awards from Gallery Fernanda Milani, Jundiaí, Brazil; Gallery M. De Artes, Marilia, SP, Brazil. Alexandra is the founding president at Ateliê Alê Art space in São Paulo.